Exercises for Ab Loung Ultra

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Feb 28 2011

AB lounge ultra is known as the Jack knife because it is one of the finest abs machines available in the market these days. There are many machines which are especially designed just for the abs but there are different problems with those machines and the workout could not be done properly due to those problems. Those machines are difficult to handle and most of them causes different injuries as well. There are many postures which can be done with the usage of AB lounge Ultra exercises. The basic focus of the machines is the abdominal part of the body and it really can tone the abs in a perfect manner.
If you are looking to improve the physical status of your abdomen then this machines would be the perfect choice for you. Although there are some more exercises as well, those can be done with the help of this machine. Regular crunches can be done with the help of this machine. It is not heavier and much light and flexible as well while doing the workout. Your abs can be pumped up with similar movements on the machines. Stomach muscles can also be worked out with it and it is very easier to be used. AB lounge ultra exercises can really be very useful.
It has a grip for the hands where you will be able to use some force of the hands in the exercise though the results would be just the same even you will use the hands. It also has a comfortable foot resting feature where one can be able to use his feet in the exercise. One can also do double crunches on this machine as it can be bend over the back side with the minimum level of 180 degrees. You can certainly make your workout better if the total bend of the machines is extended to 180 degrees. You can also gain good results with less back bend.
It also supports the neck and shoulders so that you will be able do your workout without the tension of getting any injuries or having any neck or back problems. It is very comfortable and even if you are doing double crunches on the machines then there would be no problems with the back. AB lounge Ultra exercises are a little different because basically it is designed in a way to give more comfort while doing any exercise.
One of the best features of the product is that it can be easily folded and one can take it anywhere he wants to. He can do the exercise where ever he wants because of this easy portability. The maximum limit that this product can bear about a user is around 250 pounds and it is made up of steel. The value of the product is very high and numbers of people in the world have used the product because of its great qualities and many of them have got the desired results. The price is also very reasonable and one can easily buy it and do AB lounge Ultra exercises.

How to Workout on Ab Lounge

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Feb 21 2011

The equipment of Ab Lounge Ultra is almost fully assembled when it is brought home and price-wise it is a little lower than Ab Lounge Ultra Workout
2. The key point in using this product is that it makes special work-out of the abdominal part of the person possible. The Ab Lounge Ultra Workout is carried out with the help of focus strap as well as the Iso-Grip padded handles that makes it easy for different hand positions to be carried out. Ab Lounge has a compact support of the premium ergonomic mesh seat, which makes sitting comfortable. It gives a good balance to the head, back and neck.

Ab Lounge Ultra work-out can be easily understood with the assistance of a supplementary DVD that is offered along with the product purchased. The unique motion that is found only in this product of Ab Lounge Ultra Workout is its abdominal motion which is known as ‘Jackknife’. It makes Workout smooth without any discomforts of the head, back and neck. There is minimum pressure experienced during the Ab Lounge Workouts, because there is an isolation of the abdominal muscle that is subjected to various degrees of fitness exercises. Even if the person is highly obese, Ab Lounge Ultra Workout can comply with the needs of the customer.

There is a strong support in Ab Lounge, which is a rolled steel frame that can easily withstand the weight of a 250 pound person. The light weight makes easy transportation of the equipment possible wherever you go. This specific abdominal Ab Lounge Ultra Workout may stimulate the muscle activity to a high level, thus promoting a faster loosing of extra pounds around your hip and delivers quicker results than any other ways of abdominal exercises. Many of the lounges or floor exercises can lead to cramps in the muscles unlike Ab Lounge Ultra Workout. The innovative Ab Lounge Ultra Workout uses the ergonomic scheme that gives a good backing to the whole body.

Compared with the other counterparts for abdominal busting, Ab Lounge Ultra Workout is one kind of a product that enables the user to intensely work-out in a wider range of movements. When people have no space in their houses to set in complex equipments for reducing their muscle flab, Ab Lounge Ultra makes muscle work-out a more interesting task of the daily life. Other people never come to know that there is Workout in your home. You can just fold the Ab Lounge Ultra and place it under the cot or place it in your closet. The innovative Ab Lounge Ultra Workout uses the ergonomic scheme that gives a good backing to the whole body.

Ab Lounge

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Feb 19 2011

These Ab Lounge Ultra Instructions can be a followed and is a boon to those who want to decrease their excess flab around their abdomen and also get back to regular shape. Ab Lounge Ultra are easy to use step by step. There are three types of work –outs available according to the Ab Lounge Ultra Instructions. The first one being basic jacknife, the next one is the oblique crunches or if you seek a better work-out process within a short span, then you can opt for the more effective crunch, namely, the advanced crunches.

Step 1 in– stand before Ab Lounge Ultra machine and keep your foot on the connection between the seat and the resting place of the foot. The next is to place the centre of your hip compactly on the seat, take your sitting position. Next step is to lean backwards and move your foot forwards, in order to place it over the foot rest bar. Next follow the Ab Lounge Ultra Instructions and move your arms upwards and hold the handle of the bar above the head level. Step 2 in – lower your back as you go through the exhaling process.

As you track the Instructions, feel the pulling of your torso when you make a curling position. This Instruction is meant to make your abs contract. Before going to the next, take break for a second and relax while you breathe deeply two or three times. Do the same sequence for more or less 12 times. Step3 – now you have to angle your legs to any one side at 45 degrees and this is when you must keep your shoulders in the same position without turning along with your hips. This Ab Lounge Ultra Instruction step can help in creating a flab less, firm waist and bring forth stability to the spine.

Pursue Ab Lounge Ultra Instructions to hold the strap between the grip handles and keep your legs straight, while resting the ankles on top of the resting board. Next is to slowly lean backwards with the legs and torso parallel to the ground, so that your body is arched. The next is to stay in the stretched position for around 30 seconds and return to the normal position slowly as per Ab Lounge Ultra Instructions. While you are in the stretched position, take deep breaths and stay relaxed. It is recommended by the Ab Lounge Ultra Instructions that the space within 3 feet around the equipment has to be free, so that the children and the pets are not subjected to injuries when you exercise.

Ab Lounge Review

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Feb 13 2011

Everyone likes to be fit and perfect. Physical fitness of a person really is very important and if you are concerned with the physical fitness then there are many ways in which you can tone up your body. Abs fitness is also very important and if your abs is well enough toned then you will be able to get perfect posture along with perfect fitness. It really plays a great role in building up the confidence as well. There are many ways in which you can tone your abs and some of the ways are through proper exercise.
Crunches were considered to be one of the best way in which you can tone your abdominal muscles and it was regularly used all around the world as well but as the time has been passed many new machines have took place. Ab lounge ultra review tells that it is one of those latest machines which have been used to tone your abdominal muscles. Ab lounge ultra review includes all the best features of this great product. It is very comfortable for the neck and shoulders and you can easily do exercise through it. There is a very comfortable motion which is basically called the double crunch like motion where both the head and the knees come across according to the same level and in these great machines it is just perfect which gives relevant Ab lounge ultra review.
The best part of the machine is that it can take the whole body beyond the floor level to the maximum of 180 degree and the body posture is amazingly relaxed as well. There would be no harm or pain in the shoulders and the neck would also be relaxed without any stress on it. The head will also remain in very good position with no stress feeling on the head. It also support the back because while doing any ab exercise through machines the back problems are regularly being observed but the best part of this machines is that there would be no such back cases while you are using this machine. A person can be easily seated on it.
Its length is around 40 inches long and the total height of the great product is about 45 inches. There are two versions available for the AB lounge Ultra and both of them are easily available in the market. This is perfect type of machines for your body and it really can tone the muscles very well especially it is designed in the way that it can easily tone up the muscles of the abdomen in a perfect manner. The comfort level of the products is very high and the rates of both these versions are fairly reasonable. Your abs will be in great shape as you will use this product. There is a total 90 days warranty being given to the customers that if they are not satisfied with the product then they can return that products in those limited number of days but certainly once you buy the product, you will find it perfect for your abs and this is the complete AB lounge ultra review.

Ab Lounge Ultra

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Feb 13 2011

Belly fat is a common problem that most of the people are facing today. Excessive fat on any part of your body makes you look ugly and invites many medical problems too. Apparels do not look good on fat people. Everybody wants a fit and slim body. But the busy lifestyle does not allow you to go gym and loose the extra fat. Now you can loose the excessive fat from your abdomen by using the product named AB LOUNGE ULTRA.
AB LOUNGE ULTRA is manufactured by Fitness Quest. The design of this machine is very special. It has been designed in such a way that so that you can concentrate on your ab muscles. It gives full support to your head neck and back giving you the maximum comfort. Most people do not have space in their houses to build gym. AB LOUNGE can be folded and stored easily in a small space. Thus it is a great home work out. AB LOUNGE ULTRA is made up of steel which makes it a durable product. The machine can be set up easily. It has been tested by the experts. The design is such that it won’t cause any harm to your body. Another remarkable feature is that it ensures “perfect form” workouts.
AB LOUNGE ULTRA is a good machine for those who really want to loose the extra belly fat, those who really want a perfectly shaped body. The machine provides a full motion which trains the ab muscles properly. It provides very good resistance training to your ab muscles. It exercises your oblique muscles as well and shows you very good results in just few weeks. A workout of 10-15 mins a day on AB LOUNGE ULTRA is enough for excellent results. Moreover the machine is manual and does not require any electricity for functioning. The price is around 150$. AB LOUNGE ULTRA weighs 37lbs. The company also provides an instructional video with the machine. The machine looks like a chair and has set dimensions – 39.5 inches long x 30 inches wide x 45.5 inches high. The unalterable dimensions are one of the major drawbacks of the machine. AB LOUNGE ULTRA strengthens your ab muscles and provides a better ab workout than crunches or sit-ups. In other words it is a complete workout for your ab muscles. A fitness machine that will show you good results.